Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Freebie & Mega Giveaway

So I realized that I haven't done a giveaway since summer time, so this is long overdue!  I have so many products new and old that I want to share with you... a whopping $72 worth of items that you can win!

First, let me start with the FREEBIE!
I bought that adorable frog garbage can at The Container Store, and my students affectionately named him "Mr. Froggie."  They just LOVE him.  I use him throughout the year for beginning sounds, but wanted to introduce him earlier in the year to work on alphabet discrimination.  Go grab this product for free to use in your classroom!

Now onto the products for the giveaway!
This Smart Notebook document is a really fun graphing activity... I used it at the beginning of the year to informally assess who could read/recognize their own names.
This one is my newest product, and my favorite!!!  My students LOVE the four games that I made for skip counting by ten.  Be sure to check out the preview file.  It has examples of all of the games!
My students loved this one also.  This non-fiction book has so much information about animals that hibernate, and has interactive questions to ensure students are paying attention to the story.  It also has a lot of information about how bears go into torpor, and how that's slightly different than hibernation!
These handwriting pages for the SmartBoard go perfect with my Alphabet Writing Poems and Videos!  Students can work as a class to practice writing the letters on the board before they practice it independently!
Since we're talking about alphabet writing, this is another fun activity I made to have students practice writing their letters in the sand.  It fits perfectly in the lid of the pencil case!
Sticking with the alphabet theme, I made these worksheets for beginning sounds.  I used them for homework as we introduced each sound.

I finally bundled all of my Uno games.  There are games for addition, alphabet, sight words, and more!

Speaking of sight words, I have these spelling books which are perfect for practicing Fry's sight words.  I have books for the first 300 words.
 And since I'm talking about the Fry sight words, I might as well giveaway this visual word wall cards for the first 500 words.
And for all of you who like to create your own items, how would you like the cute frames I used in the preview file above?

Enter the rafflecopter belowfor your chance to win.  This giveaway will end on Monday, December 23!


  1. Wow so many great activities Jessica! Awesome giveaway

  2. This is a great will only let me do the first thing though.

    1. Thank you for letting me know! I don't know what was up with that! It's all fixed now though!

  3. Terriific giveaway. Love your blog. Happy Holidays!
    Thanks, Regina