Saturday, August 17, 2013

Mega Giveaway! (Today only!!!)

Okay, I admit it... I have been slightly neglecting my blog, but not because I haven't been doing work!  I've been working hard to prep for the new school year and for the Phonics, Vocabulary, and Comprehension PD that Katie (over at Kdot's Learning Spot) and I have been working on!

Well of course, this big TPT sale coming up tomorrow has inspired me to post a few of the things I've been working on!  And of course, to repay all of you for continuing to follow me even though I'm posting less frequently... I think I'll give away ALL OF MY NEW ITEMS today! :)

And of course, if you don't win, all of these products will be on super sale tomorrow and Monday!

(Props to Krista from The Creative Chalkboard for the amazing sign!!)

Now... let's see what you can win!

I'm going to start with the project that took me the most time.  I made videos that are about 5 minutes long each for each letter of the alphabet!  And even though the video itself is only about 5 minutes long, it took WAY long than that to make!  I probably spent about one hour on each video with all of the editing I did... but I'm SO happy with how they came out!  I have the letters A & B up for free so please download those and let me know what you think!!!  Click the picture to check them all out (and I promise I will upload the rest of the letters by the end of the day tomorrow!

You can check out one of the videos here:


I also created visual word walls to go along with some of the fry words.  I still have to work on the first 100 words and the fifth 100 words, so expect to see those soon... but in the meantime, I have finished the second 100 words, third 100 words, and fourth 100 words!

I also worked on phonemic awareness posters with multiple visuals for each of the sounds:

I also made a fun center game to practice sight words and CVC words:

Then, I made these adorable math visual vocabulary cards!

I also made a pack of Proverb, Sayings and Phrases to go along with the Core Knowledge Scope and Sequence for Kindergarten:

Phew!!!!! That's $64 worth of items!!!

So are you ready to win all of that!?

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This raffle ends today at 8pm!


  1. Looks great, thanks for your work.

  2. Thanks for the giveaway! Your products are amazing and I always enjoy reading your posts.

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