Monday, July 15, 2013

Kindergarten Problem Solving Skills! (Freebies!)

A while back I wrote about a routine that I do in my classroom called "The Problem of the Day."  I use this to help develop problem solving skills from the beginning of the school year!  I just finished making the set for the beginning of the school year and bundling it!

The Daily Routine:
I pick a student to be in the problem, and replace the name in the story with their name.

Then, I have the students turn to their partner (I have assigned partners in the classroom which change monthly.)  I tell the class this little poem:

I'll pick a partner to go first (perhaps the partner with longer/shorter hair).  That partner has to tell their partner the answer and explain their reasoning for it.  For example, "I know the answer is two because I started with five fingers up, then put three fingers back down.”  I count backwards from five so the students finish up their answer.

Next: it's time to see who was listening!  I call on students to explain their partner's answer to me!  This really improves their listening skills!  I then repeat visa-versa and have the other partner explain their answer.

The kids just love this routine... they really love hearing their names in the story and sharing their answers/explanations with their partner.  And the best part... it really improved their listening and math skills and it made a major difference in my IOWA Test scores!!

Scope and Sequence:

Here's a quick preview of how cute the questions look... and they're super easy to cut as well!

To see the bundle for the whole year, click any of the pictures above.  To see each individual month, click the pictures below!






  1. Looks great!

  2. This will be great for my JK students who aren't ready for math journals!

  3. OH so happy for these! I just added them to my cart! They look awesome! Thank you!!!
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