Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What Did They Say!? Wednesday! (A Linky Party!)

My kids have spring fever!  Today was the ultimate day of "I'm telling!"  (Ugh... I thought we stopped that behavior back in October but someone it crept back into the classroom today!)  Regardless, the kids still had cute things to say!

What Did They Say!?

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Here is my funny story for the week!

Now, before I tell the story, let me give you some background on the boy: he always says cute things but they're usually very basic responses: short sentences that are very literal.

Anyway, we were at the computer lab the other day and one of my kinders asked if he could watch the Abraham Lincoln video on Brain Pop Jr.  He had literally watched this video for three weeks in a row.  I asked him what he liked about Abraham Lincoln, fully expecting an answer like "He has a cool hat."  He totally surprised me when he matter of factly said, "Because he freed the slaves."  The tone in his voice was as if he was saying, "Duh, how didn't you know that!"

It was truly precious!

Now... it's time to share your cute kids story from this week!

Rules for the Linky Party:
  1. Share a story that one of your kids said on your blog!  If you don't have a blog, leave a comment with your story!
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