Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Technology Tuesday Postponed! :(

Okay, okay... time to laugh at me.  It's technically time for technology tuesday, but technology is doing all it can to work against me today (and yesterday, for that matter!)  Yes... even those of us who eat, sleep, and breathe technology can have major tech problems!  Ugh!

Right now my internet is so slow it feels like I have dial up again (oh my gosh... remember those days!?), and it keeps kicking me off every five minutes.  On top of it, my files are all stored over a network, and it is so slow that the connection times out before my files even open.  I have reset everything what feels like a million times but after an hour straight of playing with it I'm thinking that it's time to call Verizon and have them walk me through it.  Guess that's how I'll be spending all of tomorrow night.  Ugh. 

Sorry everyone... I know that this week's winner was very popular on the poll but I guess it will have to wait for now :( 


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