Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What Did They Say!? Wednesday! (A Linky Party!)

One of the best parts of being a teacher is getting to hear all of the cute and innocent things that kids say!

What Did They Say!?

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This week's story is proof that kids will support their teacher no matter what!

During prep, the teacher was handing out stickers after she taught them Social Studies.  I was joking around trying to get a sticker from her, saying, "I was here the whole time, can I get a sticker too?!"  

My kids ALL backed me up and said "Yeah, she was here the whole time and she behaved, she should get a sticker!"  Meanwhile, I was barely in the classroom! 

These kids are the best!

Now... it's time to share your cute kids story from this week!

Rules for the Linky Party:

  1. Share a story that one of your kids said on your blog!  If you don't have a blog, leave a comment with your story!
  2. Use the HTML code at the top of this post to link back to the post!
  3. Comment on the two blog posts before yours!


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