Sunday, February 3, 2013

Help Your Students Work on Teen Numbers and Introduce Coins!!!

I do this fun lesson with my kids every year, and they just love it!  This year, I revamped the lesson with some tens-frames to really help students grasp basic coin value!

I usually start the lesson reading a book about pennies and talking about how pennies are worth one cent.  Then of course I model how to count pennies into the tens frames.  I place a card at each students seat at the table, and have them go to their seats and count out that many pennies.

Then, comes the fun part... the dancing!  I have the students dance around to room, usually to an instrumental of some popular song... last year it was Party Rock Anthem, this year it was Gangham Style!  When the music stops, they have to find a chair and count out that many pennies!

They just love it... and it's the perfect way to introduce counting pennies to a kindergartener while reviewing numbers 11-20!

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