Sunday, October 28, 2012

November/Thanksgiving Borders and Frames!

I've put off making these for way too long... but here they are!  I tried to balance the amount of ink that each frame used and included more frames that use a little bit less ink.  I also added some circle frames this time!

The frames from October (which I listed for free!) were a big hit, be sure to grab them below if you haven't already!

On a total side note, the poll on my blog has reset itself at least 5 times this week and keeps losing all the votes :( Since I have no way of telling which one was the most popular option, I'm going to do the same thing I planned on doing in case of a tie - blogging about the option that's been on the poll for longer. 
Scratch that... the poll fixed itself (just in the nick of time!) and all of the votes were restored, so I'll be going with the option that had the most votes!


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