Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Classroom Jobs!

There are so many possibilities for classroom jobs, and the kids just love them!  I always have one job for each student in my class!  They love being "in charge" of something... no matter how big or small the task!

When posting my jobs in the classroom, I wanted to be that they were clear for pre-readers to understand... with real pictures to help remind my little Kinder students what they job was.  The second I switched to this visual job chart, even my youngest kindergarten students were able to identify what their job was!

this cute job chart has pictures to help your students easily identify their job, even if they're not reading yet!

I ended up redesigning this job chart with to match a few different themes for some of my coworkers.  Honestly, the jungle themed set really made me consider switching to a whole jungle classroom theme! But I think I love my Dr. Seuss theme too much!

jungle themed classroom jobs with pictures... perfect for pre-readers and ELLs!     bright, neon job chart... so fun and the pictures will help all students be able to "read" the job chart!

bright and colorful polka dot job chart... love the visuals!  the pictures will make it perfect even for pre-readers to "read" their classroom job     black and gold glittery hollywood themed job chart... love the use of real pictures for pre-readers and ELLs!

Some of my favorite (and less common) jobs are:
  • Smartboard Helper: To turn on/off the smartboard when we use it.
  • Homework Helper: To stamp the homework and hand out homework folders when it's time to pack up.
  • Timer Helper: I love to use timers in my class!  I set timers for everything: 15 minutes for writing, 20 minutes for centers (through two separate timers... a 15 minute one for the kitchen/block center to play, then a 5 minute timer for them to clean up while everyone else plays for five more minutes).  The kids know that the second the time goes off its time to clean up and make their way to their seats! It's awesome!  I used to use a kitchen timer but just recently got the timer pictured.  It's expensive, but the kids just grab the red, green, or yellow timer when we start an activity.
This next one is my favorite!!!

Click the picture for an entire post about the action cup!
  • Action Cup Helper: This one of my kids' favorites!  Each time we transition from our seats to the carpet, or visa versa, they pick an action from the cup.  Some of the actions are simple, like "hop on one foot," some are silly, like "pretend your legs are spaghetti," and some are student created, like "fly like a jet."  We use these actions so frequently that the kids could "read" them by November.
  • Treasure Chest Helper: I use a color chart for the classroom.  At the end of the day, the students have the chance to get a prize from the treasure chest, a pencil, or a sticker.  The "treasure chest helper" sets up the prizes and makes sure that each student only gets one prize.

What are your favorite classroom jobs?


  1. I love your jungle jobs chart!! My theme is "Wild About Learning" so mine look almost identical :) Love it. Thanks for sharing your list of jobs! I like the transitions idea a lot.

    1. PS - I'm new to blogging and am glad I found yours! Check mine out :)

      2nd Grade Teacher
      The Sweetest Thing

    2. I'm really starting to love the jungle theme! It wouldn't work with the things that are permanent in my classroom, but I really wish it would!

    3. I'll be sure to stop by right now!

  2. I love the action cup- I'm going to have to make one of those to use with my pre-k students!


    1. The pre-k kids will LOVE it! I did a music cup when I taught pre-k. We used it at circle time to pick different songs and they had fun with it! I wish I had thought of the action cup back then because I bet they would have loved it!

  3. I love the action cup, can you list the actions you have by any chance?

    1. I do plan on it! I have the action sticks my desk drawer at school, I should be back in my classroom next week so I'll be able to type up the list then!

  4. I love your collection of classroom jobs, I especially like your idea of a timer helper.