Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Thanks to everyone who entered my 500 follower giveaway!  

The winner for part one was Mrs. Diane.  Diane, I need your email address so I can send you the gift card for the items!  Please leave a comment on this post with your email so I can send you your prizes! 

Diane, send me your email so I can send you your goodies!
The winner for part two was Katie, who wanted to learn about how to "use technology effectively to manage grades, anecdotal notes, assessments, etc."  Katie, that's a very interesting topic and I'm excited to blog about it.  You can all expect a post next week (most likely on Wednesday) about this topic!

As for all of the other requests for a technology Tuesday post, I'll put them on my list and add them to the poll eventually!  Thank you so much for your input!


  1. Hi!!! I can't believe I won!! Here's the email.

    1. I'll send you everything right now! Congrats again!