Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Project: Organize Your Classroom Books!

My summer break hasn't quite started yet, but I know for many of you it is in full force!  I love all of the projects on Made It Monday and can't wait to link up once my summer break starts!  In the meantime, I started thinking about some major projects I did in the summers past, one of them was to completely organize my books.  I created a set of matching labels that even my preschoolers/kindergarteners could put away! 

These past few nights, I have been working hard on a MAJOR update to my classroom library organization set!  I have added 40 new labels, bring the set up to a whopping 214 labels, all for only $8.  So... if you haven't started yet, why not take this summer to organize your classroom books! 

This new updated added the following 40 labels!

Authors and Series
·         Goosebumps
·         Animorphs
·         Little House on the Prairie Series
·         The Boxcar Children
·         The Babysitter's Club
·         Captain Underpants
·         Diary of a Wimpy Kid
·         The Chronicles of Narnia
·         Author: Judy Blume
·         Author: Beverly Cleary
·         Weird Facts & World Records
·         Mercy Watson

·         Horses
·         Land Animals
·         Water Animals
·         Air Animals
·         Teeth
·         Electricity
·         Experiments
·         Clouds

·         Groundhog Day
·         Election Day

Social Studies
·         Black History
·         Famous Americans

·         Opposites
·         Shoe Tying
·         Grandparents
·         Colors

·         January
·         February
·         March
·         April
·         May
·         June
·         July
·         August
·         September
·         October
·         November
·         December

Here are some pictures of the labels! 

To see the full set of 214 labels, check out Teachers Pay Teachers!


  1. Have you tried some special organizing software like All My Books?

    1. I use Book Collectorz to keep an inventory of my books, the barcode scanner makes it easy to input everything. Although... once I started to organize by category, I never looked back at the databases or updated them!

  2. I have had to change to a different building for the upcoming year, so when I unpack my classroom in August I have new inspiration to reorganize everything! Thanks for your clever ideas.

  3. That's a large collection of labels! Thank you for the push to be more organized !

    Lindsey -

    1. It's constantly growing! I'm always amazed when people find more genres/authors for me to add!