Monday, July 9, 2012

July Currently!

I honestly have to say that if I could spend all of my time focusing on my blog, I absolutely would!  Unfortunately, that isn't always the case, but since my little kiddos have finally graduated, I am excited to have more time to focus on my blog!  I'm celebrating this by linking up with Farley for her July "Currently" post!  I keep meaning to do this every month but never quite get around to it... and it's now going to be my monthly goal!  309 people already linked up... it's definitely the largest linky party I've ever participated in!!

The reads was definitely tough... but #2 was actually easier than #1.  The Book No More Letter of the Week totally revamped the way I teach phonics and it made a major difference!  I know I've mentioned it in blog posts before, but I HIGHLY recommend it!  For #1... I love a million different books, so it was a tough choice.  But this year I obviously fell in love with Cat in the Hat all over again!

I also want to take a quick minute to thank Charity Preston for all that she does!  She truly is amazing!  My membership at Classroom Freebies Too and on her collaborative Pinterest boards definitely accounts for the majority of the traffic to my blog!  Be sure to stop by Classroom Freebies Too if you haven't already!

Classroom Freebies Too

I'm also excited to be a new contributor on two other collaborative blogs!  I'm excited to write up my first posts for them!

Simply Centers

Also, I want to give a MAJOR thank you to everyone who follows me!  I somehow reached 400 followers through my end of year insanity!  Since I very clearly missed the milestone, I'm going to be sure to have a big 500 follower giveaway, so stay tuned!


  1. Love love love summer weather too!! Cute Blog!

    1. I'm loving it even more now that the humidity is down a bit! Thanks!

  2. Congrats on 400!! Thanks for the book recommendation, No More Letter of the Week...I had not heard of that one before :) And, yes, Charity is fantabulous!! She's how I got my start, too :)

    Treasures for Teaching

    1. The book really is the best, as is Charity!