Monday, July 30, 2012

Easy Classroom Management!

I've been meaning to blog about classroom management for a while, but I just haven't gotten around to it!  This week I am determined to knock off a few ideas from my To Do list and post some fun items!

Like many other teachers, I use a clip chart in my class.  I updated my clip chart and uploaded it to TPT for only $2.  And... it includes a parent letter to explain the chart to parents.  Check it out by clicking the picture below.

I won't go into too many details on the chart above, but I do want to take some time to talk about one of my FAVORITE classroom routines... the most points!

This is one of my favorite routines because it’s really fast, and really easy! We all know how much kids love positive reinforcement and praise… it’s so easy to say “I love how so-and-so is sitting” And they just love getting little tangible items, like pencils and stickers. Now, what if we combine these two ideas, and each time you praised them get got something that was tangible? It sounds like it’s a lot of work, but it’s not! The tangible thing that they’re getting is actually “points!” My students respond to “So-and-so is getting points” far quicker than “I notice that so-and-so is sitting so nice!”

I never actually write down the points, I just constantly tell the class that I always remember who I gave points to. If you want to write it down, that’s totally up to you!

Anyway, back to the routine! At the end of the school day, I look at the list and pick one student to get the “most points” for that day and put a sticker next to their name. The graph-like nature of this management routine helps to keep the rewards totally fair. You can easily pick even the most challenging student to get the most points, by telling the class “Today so-and-so got so many points!”

Now… what do they “win” if they get the most points? I usually give the student with the most points two rewards:
1. They get to pick what job they want next week.
2. They get the first turn for the next activity that we do.

It’s easy and effective... and, it's FREE!  I created three lists, one for up to 20 students, one for up to 25 students, and one for up to 30 students.  Click the picture above to head to TPT to download it!

I'm linking this routine up with The Kinder Cupboard and 2 Crazy Texas Teachers!

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